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New Years in Nashville and Chris Stapleton! 

Just arrived in Nashville! Decided to drive down to music city with Brooke to check out the biggest New Years party in country music, The Jack Daniels Bash on Broadway, which is supposed to draw a crowd of around 150,000 people. Chris Stapleton's new album "Traveller" seemed a fitting soundtrack for our 12 hr trip, which we made through the dead of night with his album on repeat building our excitement to see him live on New Years Eve. We plan to check out as many live shows as we can fit in while we are down here the next few days and hopefully get an opportunity to play as well. I'm also hoping to do some co-writing and maybe create a great song for this album or the next. I love road trips and adventure and I'm sure there will be a lot of unforgettable moments here that may inspire the next song! What a perfect way to end the year! 

Ladies Night @ The Corral! 

Its almost the end of 2015 and we have possibly the biggest show of the year still to play! We've heard how crazy it can get at the legendary Corral in Oshawa and we are excited to play ladies night this Tuesday December 22nd! We've prepared a lot of new material you've never heard us play before so come on out and share this exciting night with us!! Once again we have Clayton Mark joining us picking leads. After this show it will be down to Nashville to do some writing and watch Chris Stapleton for New Years on Broadway. New music to come in early 2016!

The Earl Beaus Beer Tap Takeover Country Hoedown! 

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to The Earl for the Beaus Beer Tap Takeover Country Hoedown! The Ben Hudson Band had a new lineup with Tim Deegan on drums, Luke Speers on bass, Clayton Mark on lead guitar and Brooke Averill on backup vocals. We had an incredible time and tried out a lot of new songs that we are learning for our big end of the year show at The Corral December 22nd. However, the original song we just released "Wear and Tear" was the encore of the night thanks to all the requests. This picture sums up how much fun we all had that night!

Leah Daniels CD Release Party for "What It Feels Like" 

It was a packed house at the Uxbridge Music Hall Saturday night for Leah Daniels CD Release Party for "What It Feels Like" We had so much fun opening the show and getting the party started! The energy in the building was amazing and the crowd was dancing all night long! Even Carolyn Ellis of KX96 was on the dance floor! A huge thankyou to all the sponsors, organizers and volunteers of the event who made sure everyone and everything looked great. So much support for independant artists in our small town of Uxbridge. Robyn Ottolini also played a great opening set. I just got a chance to sit down and listen to Leah's new album and was seriously impressed with the powerful songwriting and vocals. Head to to check it out yourself!!

Wear And Tear Official Video Release 

It was such a fun and exhausting experience making my first music video! We were up early to begin shooting and filmed well into the night. Thank you so much to all the people who came out to support and help out and I'm really glad that I get to feature a lot of my friends in the video. What a bunch of party animals.

The video was directed and produced by Tim Deegan who worked his @$$ of to make it look so great! He is the creative genious who planned and pulled off the concept for this video, which brought the lyrics of Wear and Tear to life, adding a bit of humour along the way. I couldnt be happier with the final product!

It would not have been possible without the help of everyone involved. We had such a great team come together that it made my job easy. This is only the beginning and there is a lot more new music coming soon. The full EP release is scheduled for early 2016 and talks about a new video are already underway!

Until then, help spread the word and lets get this video onto CMT!!!

First Music Video for "Wear and Tear" Update!  

We just wrapped up shooting the video for "Wear and Tear" last weekend! It was such an incredible experience and a huge thank you to everyone who came out to help out! It was my first music video and you all made it such a great experience! A special thank you to Jake and Jess for bringing their old Dodge Ram, which embodied the lyrics of "Wear and Tear." A huge hand to the Director of the video Tim Deegan for the incredible job and patience. I was surprised how much we could get done in a single day! I am so excited to share this with all of you in the coming weeks!


The 2015 Magna Hoedown Showdown is over! I finished in third place, which is incredible considering the extremely talented group of contestants this year. Congratulations to the winner Sarah MacRae and to second place Brad Battle. An exciting part of the competition this year is that the top 10 finalists were part of "mentor week" where they worked with music industry pros to improve their performance. It was a pleasure being coached by CCMA award winner Beverley Mahood and manager Tom Cross and I'll use all I learned going forward. I have a busy and exciting month ahead including the shooting of my first music video!

The Bonner Boys Ribfest and my birthday! 

What a coincidence! The Bonner Boys Ribfest starts today at Elgin Park in Uxbridge and its my birthday! They have some great country music scheduled this weekend. We will be opening for Leah Daniels on Saturday and Beverley Mahood is playing on Friday night! Come out and enjoy some great food and music. I think a couple Jack Daniels birthday shots are in order!
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